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Moving a Safe

Moving a safe is difficult by design.  A safe is an unmovable and impenetrable vault that secures a person’s most valuable possessions. If a safe could be moved easily, then it wouldn’t be a safe!

Here is a quick how-to on moving your safe:

Assess the situation

Safes are ironclad and designed to be moved infrequently.  A heavy-duty hand truck or dolly is a must for any safe move.  Are you moving a massive gun safe?  You will need to have at least 3 helpers. A smaller document safe will be much easier to haul, but will still require some kind of dolly or hand truck.  After assessing the situation, a moving company with experience moving safes may be your best bet.

Map your move

After wrapping and securing moving blankets around the safe, load it onto a dolly or hand truck, and strap it to the moving apparatus to ensure the safe remains stable. It is imperative to measure doorways, hallways, and any stairs that you will encounter along your moving path. Another helpful tip before moving the safe is emptying all of its contents.  This makes a massive safe a little less burdensome.

Move that Safe!

Once the safe is prepped and loaded onto the dolly, carefully tilt the dolly back to ensure the wheels support the weight of the safe.  When transporting a safe upstairs, you will need at least two helpers lifting the safe up each step while you guide it.  When moving a safe downstairs, gravity will require even more strength behind the dolly as you ease it down each step. Execute each part of the plan slowly and patiently so that no one gets injured, and your safe transport is a success!