American Trucker Association Moving and Storage Conference

Entrusting your belongings to a moving company is a big leap of faith.  There is nothing that can replace family heirlooms that have been passed down generation after generation.  When handing over your possessions, it is important your moving company is committed to industry best practices and legislation that promotes all parties involved.  Moving companies seek your best interests by joining the American Trucker Association Moving and Storage Conference. 

The question remains how does this Storage Conference directly benefit you? 

Here are two simple ways signing up with a moving company in the ATA Moving and Storage Conference helps you:

1. Moving companies have a designated space to collaborate and form best practices

Your precious cargo demands the best policies of all moving companies.  How are these policies developed?  Do they happen in a vacuum?  The best practices always come from working together to share the best ideas.  No one moving company has all the answers to provide safe and timely moving services.  A place to learn to tackle complex issues and puzzling roadblocks is exactly what the American Trucker Association Moving and Storage Conference provides.  Bad practices that can potentially damage your possessions are rooted out and replaced with optimum care that keeps your possessions pristine and delivered on time.

2. Moving companies have a designated space to form consumer education programs

As a customer, you may have many questions about the moving process.  What is a realistic timeline?  How can I be assured my precious cargo is packed correctly?  Should I pack my own items or entrust that process to the moving company?  These are questions that at one time were asked even by your moving company.  How did they learn to educate you, the customer?  Your moving company can confidently answer these questions due to partnerships like the ATA Moving and Storage Conference.  It is through associations like this, that moving companies form consumer education programs that they can pass onto you.  Without these conferences, moving companies may struggle to educate you and the result is an unsteady and puzzling moving process.

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