Moving with Children

It is one thing to transfer your possessions from one house to another via the age-old tradition of moving but is entirely different when doing so with children. Your children’s emotional and mental health takes precedence over any couch, flat screen tv, or bedroom set. Here are some tips to ensure that your children’s well-being remains intact while you move.

Give Them a Date

Once you know a move is certain, telling your kids should be done as soon as possible. The time frame will be different due to the ever-changing circumstances each family faces as they prepare to move. Some families will have a date well ahead of time, while some will know only after many back and forths. The best way to prepare your children is to give them ample time to process and ask the inevitable questions.

Give Them a Reason 

A move happens for many reasons. A family moves to be closer to relatives, a new job arises, better schools for the children, or the opportunity to see new places. When providing reasons for moving to your children, choose the ones you know they will understand. Make it as smooth as possible for them and help them see it from your perspective, while you consider how they are feeling based on their perspective.

Give Them Something to Look Forward To

Every move is another adventure of your child’s life story. Whether the move is exciting or unpleasant for you, there can always be something positive for your children to anticipate. Perhaps, they could have their own bedroom for the first time, a bigger backyard, close to new entertainment options, nearer to beloved family members, or simply a chance to start over. Understand what your children will be excited about and sell those future endeavors to them.

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