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Managing Stress While Moving

Life has a tendency to throw enough stressful situations your way without the added stress of getting through the moving process. You are able to manage stress in the other areas by understanding what triggers your stress and how to relieve that stress. Fortunately for you, moving is no different and you can manage stress while moving by following these simple steps.

Stick to Your Plan

Your moving plan is the north star for de-stressing moving. Have a plan for packing, closing up shop at your former residence, hiring movers, unloading, and setting up your new residence. This plan should contain costs and timelines for each segment. Once you have a plan, stick with it to ensure that when things inevitably go wrong, you have a compass to guide you.

Manage Your Stress Diet

Stress and food seem to go hand in hand. When you’re stressed, your body releases cortisol, also known as the “stress hormone.” A diet centered on fish, chicken, fruits, and vegetables can help manage cortisol levels according to the experts, which will maintain your blood pressure and sleep cycles. While managing the stress of moving, avoid alcohol, caffeine, junk food, soda, and sugary and processed foods.

Find a Stress Release

There are many ways to relieve stress via exercise or recreation. Running, walking, meditation, yoga, hiking, bicycling, or going to the gym are great options for managing elevated cortisol levels due to stress. The endorphins released during these activities ensure that stress is not built up in your body, which can cause a lack of sleep and elevated blood pressure. If exercise is a part of your normal routine, don’t abandon that routine while moving. If you don’t regularly engage in these activities, put some in place before the expected stress of moving comes your way.