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To Do List After Moving

While all your time and energy seems like it goes into planning a move, it’s important to have a plan while settling in your new home. It can be a bit overwhelming when you find yourself surrounded by stacks of moving boxes and furniture all huddled together, and the exhaustion of the entire moving process and perhaps a little loneliness hovers in the air.  Here are the top things to target after your move into your new home is complete:

Unpack Your Boxes

The not-so-secret advice about moving boxes is to unpack what is most important first. This usually applies to kitchen and sleeping arrangement boxes. Bedroom and bathroom boxes follow after first-few-days essentials. The best practice to make your home liveable includes finding a temporary home for boxes out of the middle of the walkway.

Change Postal Address

This should happen as soon as you know your new address. If buying a home, make this change as soon as you close, and if renting, make this a priority right after signing the lease.

School Sign Up

When moving with school-aged children, school registration is a top priority. School district websites have school boundary maps and you can discover your child’s next school by simply inputting your address. If the local school isn’t a good fit for your child, research your school district’s transfer policies or arrange a quick tour of the local private schools.

Make a DMV Trip

If your move crossed one or more state lines, you need to register your car in the new state. You will also need to transfer your driver’s license. Find the time soon after your move to visit the local DMV office to take care of these two tasks. If possible, it is worth scheduling an appointment rather than just walking in.

Health Care Search

The importance of your family’s health follows you when moving into a new home or area. This is why one of the top immediate things to do when moving is setting up primary care doctors, dentists, and other specialists for your family’s needs.