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How to Declutter Before Moving

An unavoidable aspect of life is the accumulation of stuff. Papers, furniture, heirlooms, and various items are inevitable to a well-lived life. A parent will no doubt collect former toys and spelling tests as keepsakes to remember when their child enters adulthood. Some of us are great at decluttering as time goes by, but others wait until they are faced with a moving deadline to sift through the mountain of “treasures”. Here are some reasons to declutter before moving:

Decluttering Saves Money

A significant factor that moving companies use for billing is the total weight of your items. Eliminating items before hiring a moving company will save money because your total weight can be far less. Another way decluttering saves money is that it eliminates some packing material costs. Simply put, the less stuff you have, the less packing material you need to buy.

Decluttering Makes Money

A purge of furniture and other items before you move provides an opportunity for a garage sale or an online sale. This will allow you to invest in furniture upgrades in your new home or subsidize the growing costs of moving.

Decluttering Saves Time

The more decluttering you can accomplish during the weeks prior to moving day, the more time you have during that last week in your old home to focus on the essentials. It will also save time when you are setting up your new home because you will have less to unpack.