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How to Pack Dishes for Moving

Preserving dishes in a move is a top priority for all. Dishes may need the most attention during the packing process, and knowing how to pack dishes can prevent the unnecessary breaking any of them. Here are some supplies needed and tips for packing dishes in your move:

Supplies Needed

  • Double Layered Cardboard Boxes

A standard moving box will not suffice when it comes to moving your dishes. They are too thin and will not provide the necessary cushion needed for your dishes. While double-layered moving boxes cost more, the investment brings peace of mind

  • Bubble Wrap

This may be the most important item in packing your dishes. This protective material will provide the best option for dishes, so make sure to have enough on hand. It usually takes more than you think, but its worth it!

  • Packing Paper and Tape

Before you use bubble wrap, an acid-free packing paper around your dishes will provide even more cushion. Packing tape is your last step and will keep the bubble wrap and packing paper in place during your move.

When your dishes are all packed and ready to go, make sure to clearly label the box in large bold letters “FRAGILE” or “Handle with Care” to ensure safe handling


  • Pack Light- no need to make moving boxes with dishes heavy and fill in any loose spaces so that dishes can’t touch each other
  • Discard Tainted Dishes- this is the perfect time to discard old dishes that aren’t worth preserving during the move
  • Handle with Care- after taking precautions to pack your dishes, handle the transfer of these boxes with utmost care