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How to Select a Local Mover

Moving companies are now spread throughout cities like coffee shops or gyms. This means that when you move, you have choices. It should not surprise anyone that no one person has all the knowledge about each moving company just like one cannot know everything about each gym or coffee shop. Fortunately, there are ways to find information and select the best local mover for your needs.

Here is a quick guide:


1. Ask Around

Friends and family can be helpful when selecting a local mover. They are your most trusted allies when it comes to gathering information on any business you are potentially giving your money to. No doubt they have used a mover or know someone who has, and can give firsthand experience. Social media can be another valuable tool as websites have become the town square of our time.

2. Get Estimates

After securing 2-3 recommendations from your research, ask for estimates from each one of the moving companies. Knowing the cost allows you to consider whether you are willing to pay a little extra for superior customer service, safe passage of your belongings, and timely delivery.

3. Make the Comparison

After securing estimates, you will still want to compare the moving companies you have narrowed down. You will want to consider reputation, cost, availability, and whether they have experience with your unique moving requirements. Find out what is most important to your move and make your decision based on your most pressing moving needs.