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How to Pack a Moving Truck

If you have made the decision to not hire movers, you can still rely on the help of moving professionals by learning how to pack a moving truck like a pro. For some, loading a moving truck is a task that comes naturally, but for the rest of us, it is a daunting endeavor. Below are tips from the professionals that will ensure loading your moving truck is smooth sailing.


Select the Right Moving Truck

The right moving truck will be compatible with your home/apartment size. A good rule of thumb is to rent a truck slightly bigger than your home if you are not sure of the accurate size. A loading ramp and dolly will be necessary items for loading heavy items into your moving truck.

Load Biggest Items First

Your heaviest and largest items in the front of the moving truck will allow for proper weight distribution. These items are typically made up of furniture: dressers, bed frames, and mattresses, as well as appliances. As far as configuration, the tallest items will rest securely at the front against the wall, while long furniture can rest against the long sides of the moving truck. This will be followed by desks, chairs, and tables in the middle of this heavy item pack. Once this is finished, strapping the heavy items down will be a safe ribbon for your heavy items.

Load Moving Boxes Last

Heavy boxes should be at the bottom of your stacks to avoid crushing your valuable items. There will also be the inevitable gaps in your heavy furniture that can be filled in by boxes and fragile boxes can be stashed in hard-to-crush areas. Boxes that you will need first in your new home should be packed last in the truck.