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Moving Furniture Safely

Moving furniture can be intimidating. Furniture is typically some of the biggest items you have to move. Successfully moving furniture is key to your health and the protection of all items involved. Here are some tips to successfully move furniture.

Hire Help or DIY?

Depending on the size and amount of furniture, you’ll need to decide whether to hire movers or move it yourself. Take an honest look at your furniture and assess if help is available to you, and then make the decision before proceeding any further in the moving process. Packing boxes is one thing to do on your own, but perhaps moving furniture can be accomplished more safely and more quickly with hired movers.

Clear a Path

If you decide to move your own furniture, clearing a pathway is essential. This can be done by walking the presumed path your furniture will take and removing any obstacles in the way. Doing this will prevent any potential safety hazards and damage to your old home and furniture.

Snag Helpful Accessories

Moving furniture requires the right accessories. Shrink wrap will keep things tight and prevent any item from opening during the move. Moving blankets may find their greatest use when moving furniture due to their ability to prevent scratches. Furniture sliders protect your floors by providing a smooth surface to slide heavy furniture. They also prevent injuries by reducing the amount of lifting. Furniture dollies can be useful in single-story moves and with larger pieces of furniture. Before you move any furniture, make sure you have all the proper accessories to preserve your home, furniture, and safety.