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Packing Alternatives to Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap and moving go together like BBQs and the 4th of July. The thought of moving without bubble wrap may catch some by surprise, but there are many reasons to consider. If you are interested in protecting the environment, saving money, and utilizing all the items you own, then the packing alternatives below are an excellent place to start. Here are some alternatives to consider as you pack.

Packing Paper or Newspapers

Packing Paper can be purchased for much cheaper at your local moving company. This paper is thicker and provides an excellent cushion for dishes and other easy-to-break items. Newspaper can be found for free in many places and provides almost the same amount of protection as packing paper.

Blankets or Towels

These two items are readily available in your household. Instead of packing them, they can be used to wrap furniture, mirrors, and other items that need to be protected during your move. Make sure to tape blankets and towels down to your items to ensure they don’t slip off. Thick blankets provide cushion between large items in the moving truck as well.

Clothing or Bed Sheets

Another way to save money is to use clothing or bed sheets for protecting fragile items. Use only clothes and bed sheets that you can part with because they will most likely get dirty or tear during the move. These items can wrap breakables, but also can be used to fill in gaps inside cardboard boxes. One bonus tip: Socks are great for storing drinking glasses!