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Preparing a Teenager for a Move

Listen, Listen, and Listen some more!

Everyone has the desire and need to be listened to. Teenagers are no exception. It may be the most difficult age range for making a move, especially if it is far from where and what they have always known. Mainly…their friends. While they may not be able to control the situation, simply taking the time to pause and listen to how they feel can make a world of difference in how smooth the transition is, for both of you. Give them the space to express their feelings.


Be Open and Honest

Don’t hide details about your upcoming move from your teen. Obviously use common sense, but the more open and honest you are with them, the more they can mentally and emotionally prepare. Share with them how you feel, remind them of things you will miss about your current home (friends, family, special places, etc.)

Visit Your New Home or City Together Ahead of the Move

If possible, take your teenager to the town you will be moving. Do some research and find something in your new town (or big city nearby) that they would find interesting. Splurge a little on a professional baseball game, take them to a point of historical interest, or if there are multiple options, let them choose which activities during your time there.

Plug-In to Your New Community

Find out ahead of time what events or activities are offered in your new area. Does your teenager like to play sports? Act in plays? Hike? Look for teen groups. Perhaps there is something that stands out in the particular area that is new to your family. A good way to introduce your teen to new friends is by encouraging them to try new things.

Reassure them they can stay connected to their friends

Thanks to social media, staying in touch is easier than it used to be. Maybe buy your teen a prepaid phone if they don’t yet have one. Or offer to have one of their friends drive out with you if possible. Try hard to find ways your teen can remain in close touch with their friends so they feel supported the first few months.