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How to Pack and Move Mugs

There are simple pleasures in life like a quiet and uninterrupted cup of coffee in the morning. The mugs we use to provide this pleasure often have sentimental value or are selected based on well-thought-out preferences. Often a single mug will become your favorite. Keeping your mugs intact during a move ensures that your happiness is protected. Here are some tips for packing and moving mugs safely.

Photo by: Mel Poole

Take Inventory

A great first step is to set out all your coffee mugs on the kitchen counter to get a clear visual of the cache. In this process, you will discover cups that do not need to go with you on the move. These mugs might have chips, missing handles, or blemishes that deem them no longer usable. As you take count of, it will also become obvious if you have too many mugs and moving can be the best excuse to donate or give away. Once you have taken inventory, gathering the right amount of packing supplies becomes easier.

Gather the Correct Packing Supplies

Moving mugs without damage means a little extra thought when it comes to supplies. Below is a list of supplies needed:

  • Packing paper is a great first coat to the mugs
  • Bubble wrap after the packing paper is applied ensures two layers of protection
  • Packing tape should be applied to the bubble wrap so that it remains in place
  • Once mugs are in the boxes, use extra packing paper to fill air pockets in between the mugs
  • Sealing boxes need to be reinforced with extra tape since these boxes must be the sturdiest you have