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Pros and Cons of Moving to a College Town

Too often towns are derided with the phrase, “if it weren’t for that college there would be nothing to this town.” And while this could be true, this cliché neglects what a college can bring to a community. College towns provide unique opportunities socially, academically, economically, and athletically. These “pros” do come with a price, however, as college towns also have their own set of drawbacks. Below are positive and negative factors to consider when moving to a college town.

Photo by: Michael Marsh

Pros of Moving to a College Town


  • If you like to be out and about, college towns have so much to offer. There are many cultural events, sporting events, and youth events to offer.
  • College towns provide a unique opportunity for lifelong learning. Whether it be guest speakers or taking a class to learn a new skill, colleges quench your thirst for ongoing intellectual growth.
  • There is a youthful energy that anyone could benefit from when you live in a college town. This means creativity, love of learning, and willingness to take risks could inspire you to take on new challenges.

Cons of Moving to a College Town


  • A definite downside to moving to a college town is the housing situation. College students are not quite ready to be good neighbors and can disrupt your quest for peace and quiet at times. Another side of this is college towns attract more than the average amount of renters, which means there is not as much buy-in to keeping a house in its best shape.
  • It is no secret that college-aged students seek to maximize their newfound independence with parties. For some, this can be tolerated and accepted as a rite of passage and for others, it can throw a wrench in your own plans on any given weekend. Wherever you come down on this, it is important to consider this tradition that seems to be as old as time.
  • Seasonal living is an inevitable characteristic of a college town. Most students will only be present 8-9 months out of the year. This could be a plus or a minus depending on your situation. How crowded events are, the presence of traffic and even financial considerations need to be determined depending on your line of work.