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Moving and Plastic Wrap

Plastic wrap is the best-kept secret for safe and affordable moving. If you decide not to hire movers, then plastic wrap guarantees easy do-it-yourself moving. This tool is best used by an informed mover and below are some tips to ensure its best use.

Image by: Markus Spiske


Pair Plastic Wrap with Padded Blankets

Moving blankets provide the necessary padding to move fragile possessions. However, they do not stay in place without the help of a securing tool. The most trusted resource for this task is plastic wrap. The sticky nature of plastic wrap will ensure your prized possessions are protected by moving blankets and the wrap.

Secure Drawers with Plastic Wrap

Dresser drawers are always a tricky item to move. Some people remove them completely to make the dresser lighter, but will consequently take up more space in your moving vehicle. If you decide to keep drawers intact during the move, be sure to secure the entire item with plastic wrap. This will prevent drawers from being dinged with an extra layer of protection and guarantee they stay steady during the move.

Bundle Items with Plastic Wrap

There are always loose items that need to be secured during a move. By using plastic wrap to bundle these loose items you will save space and provide protection. Some items that can be bundled together include furniture legs, small boxes, table boards, and small tables. Bundling loose items allows you to track them down easily when unloading and unpacking.