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Moving and Preparing Items for Storage

There are various circumstances that may arise during a move that requires obtaining a temporary storage unit. Some moving companies offer storage as a part of their service to customers. When the need for storage emerges, it is essential to know how to store your items properly. Here are a few tips to prepare items for storage during a move.

Storage Unit

Photo by: Adam Winger

Inspect Your Moving Boxes

Boxes will have to be sturdy and dry to protect your valuables while in storage. They will need to be wrapped tightly and sealed completely so that no outside substances can enter. This is an essential first step since most of your items will be contained in moving boxes during storage.

Use Plastic Storage Containers

These containers are more durable and provide better protection than traditional cardboard moving boxes. They can also be reused, which softens the initial costly investment. There is no doubt that long-term storage requires the most durable products and plastic storage containers are your best bet.

Only Store Nonessential Items

By storing only uncritical items, you will save money and time. Storage charges are largely calculated by the size of storage and length of time. You can cut down on storage space by keeping necessary items with you. Furthermore, you can save time and trips to the storage center by storing only non-essential items.

Catalog Items in Storage

Each of us will choose different items to keep in storage, but we can all agree that knowing what items are in storage is vital to everyone’s peace of mind. Creating an inventory list of boxes or storage bins that will be placed in the storage unit is an easy step toward peace during a chaotic time. If you are storing large items in storage, don’t forget to include those on your list as well.