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Moving and Storage Costs


Moving companies are now offering storage as a way to offer full service during your move. The cost of storage will increase your overall budget and it can be hard to understand how storage costs are calculated. It is important to be an informed customer and below are ways to calculate your possible costs for storage with a moving company.

Photo by Mak: Unsplash

Storage Time Length 

The most fundamental truth about utilizing storage is cost will mostly be determined by length of time. The bottom line is that moving companies need steady revenue and storing your items for a long time will raise your costs noticeably. A short term storage length makes the most economic sense and will often be wrapped into your moving quote. Thirty days of storage is a typical length of time in a moving quote.

Size of Storage 

Another fundamental price point for storage is the size of storage needed. Size is calculated in cubic feet and price is per cubic feet typically. If you want to save money consider storing nonessential items that are smaller and having bigger items immediately delivered to your home.

Access to Storage

Moving companies store your items in large warehouses and will be the only ones able to retrieve your items. This means that moving companies may have a charge for every time you request something from storage. If you are going to wait to have all your items delivered at once, then you can avoid any extra fees.