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Five Tips for Preparing Items for Storage

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One aspect of moving that is difficult to prepare for is putting items in storage. This can be the one instance during your move that your possessions are not with you, thus it is important to prepare them well. Below are five tips for preparing your items for storage.

Photo by: Valeriia Svitlini

Keep Expensive Items Out of Storage

Presently, the most expensive items people own are mostly electronic. This could be laptops, PCs, gaming systems, or tablets. Keeping these costly electronics out of storage prevents monetary loss and is practical since we need these items for our day-to-day use. Other expensive things to consider keeping out of storage include family heirlooms, jewelry, and fine china.

Organize Your Storage Unit

Stack boxes of similar sizes but make sure the heavier ones remain at the bottom. Leave a walkway through the middle of the storage area to ensure easy access to all items whenever needed. Leave some space between the stored items and the walls of the storage unit as well so that air can circulate freely and prevent the potential buildup of mold.

Prepare Your Clothes For Storage

Clothing items can be easily damaged by the unavoidable dust and insects that storage facilities attract. Some ways to prepare items for storage include vacuum storage bags or wardrobe boxes. Vacuum storage bags can reduce the amount of space used and wardrobe boxes allow your clothes to stay in their natural state.

Disassemble Items

Larger items need to be disassembled before being stored. This will save space and allow you to maximize your dollar. Furniture and outdoor equipment are two easy items to break down. It is important to tape together these items and label them so they are kept together.

Use Plastic Storage Containers

These containers are more durable and provide better protection than traditional cardboard moving boxes. They can also be reused, which softens the initial costly investment. There is no doubt that long-term storage requires the most durable products, and plastic storage containers are your best bet.