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We come to you to pack your items, store in our secure warehouse, and bring them back when you want!

Full Service Storage is the EASIEST way to store your stuff!

We Now Offer Storage!

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The Process

We come to you

We pack your items into boxes and haul them to our warehouse.

We secure your items

Your items are put into our secure wooden vault system in our warehouse.

When you're ready, call us!

When you’d like your items back, give us a call and we schedule a drop off!

Why Full Service?

Full service storage is when a client is moving from A to B but needs to hold their items for short or long term storage. This could be because they are waiting on renovations to finish, they haven’t found a home to move into yet, something came up or they want to travel in a van without having to worry about their stuff.

We arrive at their home, pack their belongings into boxes if that portion hasn’t been done yet, sticker and inventory all the items, wrap and protect all furniture, load, transport, and unload each of the items into wooden vaults. Each vault is labeled in our system so we know where it is at all times. Items are tracked to which vault they are being put into just in case the customer needs to come get something. From there, the loaded vaults are closed and put into their place for the duration of storage. All documents, pictures, and other customer information is then entered into google drive as a folder and shared with the customer.

When it is time to deliver the items the customer calls in, sets a date and the process is done in reverse. We load the trucks while checking off the inventory to ensure nothing is left behind. From there we meet the client at their new home, unload, unwrap, and set up the furniture. If we requested, we can unpack the boxes

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