Cal's Moving Help Receiving and Commercial Services

Our team is also trained to receive shipments for your business at anytime, even day-of! Conveniently located near I-5.

We are trained to pallet, rack, and vault your shipments, any time!

We Now Offer Storage!

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The Process

Items delivered to Tangent, Oregon

We recieve deliveries, overstock inventory, paper files, and more!

Expert Handling

We offer several pallet, rack, and vaulting services, depending on your needs.

Easy pick up and drop off

We make storing and picking up your items smooth and easy!

Receiving, Commercial Services

We do more than residential work! Cal’s can be your commercial receiver and white glove delivery company for deliveries, overstock inventory, or paper files. We offer Net 15, 30 and 45 payment options along with detailed receiving procedures. Our team is trained to inspect, document, and report the condition of all the items that come to our warehouse. All photos will be uploaded and shared for your team’s viewing and convenience. Deliveries can be scheduled day-of with our dispatch team. We offer palletized, rack, floor and vaulted storage depending on what is needed for each shipment. 

Working with us is as easy as backing your truck up to our dock and letting us take care of the rest. Let us help your company complete orders with ease, store overflow items, keep records safe, and alleviate overall stresses that come along with final mile deliveries and storage!

What is Included

  • Truck and crew
  • Professional moving pads (for storage time as well)
  • Tie downs, hand trucks and other moving equipment
  • Inventory of items
  • Online file of documents
  • Automated monthly invoicing
  • Drop in access between the hours of 8am – 6pm on weekdays
  • Appointment only access on weekends
  • Self service unloading from warehouse
  • Moving boxes and materials are sold per article
  • Furniture assembly and disassembly
  • Video security
  • Basic Insurance
  • Climate controlled


  • Items over 300 pounds or ones that do not fit in the vaults will be placed in the overflow area with a tag. Those items are charged by weight
  • Premium insurance coverage
  • Packing materials can be purchased through us
  • Junk removal of unwanted items

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