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A Moving Guide

Changing careers and moving are two major events primed with joys and sorrow. Both of these adventures promise positive new beginnings, but the process of getting there can be difficult. Moving doesn’t have to be if the process is well thought out.


Here are some basic moving tips to make the process painless:

Create a timeline

Most moves are due to job relocation so your new job start date is a good starting point. Stress will be reduced if you give yourself at least a week to settle in your new home before having to report to your new job. Other possible reasons for a move include desiring a nicer apartment, a better location, or the need for more space, i.e. moving from an apartment to a house. Schedule your move at the beginning of the month so you can avoid paying two rents while upgrading your living arrangements.

Establish a moving budget

Moving costs as much or as little as your needs dictate. Moving options range from hiring full-service movers that do it all, to finding used moving boxes on Facebook and enlisting a horde of friends (with their trucks) for your move. Costs typically include packing supplies, a U-Haul rental, and a generous lunch for those that help you. Moving can be painless or painful depending on how much you’re willing to spend.

Plan to pack

The first decision to make is what you will use to pack. Will it be plastic bins or traditional moving boxes, or both? Plastic bins are reusable and one can never have too many in the attic or garage, whereas traditional moving boxes are cheaper, but can usually be used only once or twice. A typical packing plan includes packing items that are not for immediate use. This may include delicate China, out-of-season clothes, or certain garage items. Make sure to label packing boxes by room or category, or utilize a box numbering system and an inventory notebook. Labeling boxes will allow the unloading process to go smoothly and an inventory notebook helps find a particular item that may be needed right away.

Strategizing your move will result in a smooth transition into your new home.