You are planning to move your piano, but you don’t trust anyone to take care of it? Don’t think twice. Just contact Cal’s Moving & Storage to make sure that the piano will be safe and undamaged during the entire moving process. Our piano movers team knows how to carry out baby grand, grand, grand, concert, and upright pianos.

Pianos are heavy, weighing hundreds to thousands of pounds, and have significant financial value. Moving an item as serious will undoubtedly lead to sprains, pain in the back, broken toes, and more.

Piano Moving Experts Ready To Help

Various factors may compel you to approach professional piano movers. Our professional team will make this experience less time-consuming and relieve all the pressure you might be feeling. Right from the beginning, we do everything ourselves, equipped with the right tools and strict professionalism.

Pianos, being fragile and valuable, require a lot of care. It takes a mix of skills, specialized equipment, a well-coordinated team, and the right resources to transport a piano safely. To avoid causing damage to yourself or the piano, you should trust Cal’s Moving & Storage to do this job for you.

Best Local Piano Movers In The Area

We have qualified piano moving professionals on standby to ensure your piano is safely transported. When it comes to the relocation of a piano, either within Salem or out of the city, our professionals possess the necessities and equipment to accomplish this in the right way.

Here are some key reasons to trust our piano moving experts:

  • Experience: Our piano movers specialize in moving small and grand pianos. We know how the piano works and will make sure you have an easy time relocating with it.
  • Specialized Equipment: Our specialists carry with them unique accessories such as piano dollies, ramps, pads, and belts specifically meant for the moving of pianos. It is vital to ensure the safe handling of this material.
  • Safety First: The safety of your piano is a significant priority for our piano movers. We take care by padding and securing the piano in the moving vehicle so that there are no shifts or impacts.
  • Insurance Coverage: As a rule, credible piano moving companies usually insure goods at the moment they are being transported. This provides added protection in case of any accidental damage to your piano.
  • Transportation and Placement: Our team will ensure your piano is relocated safely to its new location and correctly placed. We will put them wherever you need them—at home, in a concert hall, or anywhere else.

Dedicated And Experienced Piano Moving Company

Cal’s Moving & Storage is generally insured and covers the instrument against any damage caused by moving. Also, it helps in cases of damage from accidents. It is crucial to hire experienced movers because moving a piano demands the highest level of care. We have all the knowledge and ability to transport your expensive piano in transit safely.

Our team of experts is professionally capable of managing all aspects of the task, from prepping your residence, disassembling it, and transporting it to reassembling the piano at your new home. You can rely on us for a highly efficient piano relocation.

How To Move Pianos The Right Way?

It is always important to move pianos in the right way to protect the instrument and the people involved. Pianos are delicate and heavy, and if manipulated poorly, they may result in damage or injuries.

Here’s how we move pianos correctly:

  • Assess the Situation: First, we check on the environment. Clear all the hurdles, like furniture and other objects that might block the path, ensuring that your doorways and hallways are adequately measured so we can pass by quickly.
  • Prepare the piano: Close the piano lid and cover up the keys to avoid damage. Covering the piano with our special blankets will reduce damage like scratches and bruises. We ensure you have covered all your instruments tightly with either tape, straps, or bandages.
  • Move Slowly and Carefully: We move slowly and carefully while carrying the piano.
  • Unload with Care: Carefully, we follow this process backward when we arrive at the new position of the piano. We take the piano from the dolly and slowly place it down. We will remove the moving blankets and place the piano appropriately as you want.

Remember that safety is our main priority while moving your piano.