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Experience seamless moving with our range of tailored services, designed for efficiency and peace of mind. Explore your moving options with Cal's Moving & Storage!

What Our Family Can Offer Your’s

Local Moving

Secure and scalable commercial storage services for businesses of all sizes. Trust Cal’s Moving & Storage for your inventory, equipment, and document storage needs.

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Commercial Moving

Expert commercial moving solutions to minimize downtime and ensure a smooth transition for your business. Discover our professional approach at Cal’s Moving & Storage.

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Long Distance Moving

Navigate your long distance move with ease. Cal’s Moving & Storage offers secure, timely, and stress-free relocation across distances.

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Junk Removal

Effortless junk removal services to declutter your space. Cal’s Moving & Storage handles disposal responsibly and efficiently. Click to clear out with confidence!

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Piano Movers

Specialised piano moving services with a delicate touch. Ensure your piano’s safety with Cal’s Moving & Storage’s expert handling. Explore our services here.

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Residential Storage

Affordable and flexible residential storage solutions to keep your belongings safe. Click to learn more about Cal’s hassle-free storage options!

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Commercial Storage

Secure and scalable commercial storage services for businesses of all sizes. Trust Cal’s Moving & Storage for your inventory, equipment, and document storage needs.

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Why Move With Us? It’s the Right Choice

Every employee gets a background check as well as being trained by our local leads before his/her first job. Our commitment is to be an efficient and customer-focused local moving service near you! We are prepared and ready to take on any task during your move.

Background check on all employees

Experienced & Trained

Customer-focused and efficient

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long in advance should I contact a moving company?

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We recommend scheduling out as far in advance as possible. Doing so increases the chances of scheduling for your desired move date. Scheduling moves between 14-28 days in advance, however we do understand that moving sometimes can not be planned out ahead of time, and we will do our best to accommodate.

How do I know if my movers are licensed & insured?

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You can easily check to see if your desired mover is licensed & bonded. A licensed & insured moving company will have their ODOT & USDOT numbers listed on their website, trucks, and should be able to give you their numbers if you were to call and ask for them.

How long will it take to move my home?

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Each move is individual, and the time spent moving each home can vary based on the size of the home, the contents, and any specialty items that need extra care and handling. Some other factors at hand that can change the overall time are the distance from the front door or main access point of the home to the truck, stairs, elevators, etc.

How much will it cost to move my home?

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This question again depends on the size of the home, and the services you require during your move. Items that require extra care, handling, and protection may be means for supplying additional materials other than what comes standard in a moving truck. The best way to see how much your move will cost is by receiving an estimate. Moving companies offer free online and over the phone estimates, and Cal’s Moving & Storage also offers free in-person estimates.

Are there any items you can’t move?

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We do not move any flammables, explosives, chemicals, or any other hazardous materials. The most common items in this category are paint, live ammunition, gasoline & diesel, cleaning supplies, etc.

What’s the difference between a binding and a non-binding contract?

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A binding contract is a written agreement made in advance between you and your moving consultant. A non-binding contract is an estimate based on what your moving consultant believes the cost of your move will be based on the information and inventory given, as well as specific services requested.

Do you offer assembly & disassembly?

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Yes, we do! Our lead movers are assigned tool bags to bring out for each and every move and would be happy to assemble or disassemble your items for you. However, there are items we will NOT disassemble or reassemble such as bunk beds, loft style beds, cribs, TV wall mounts, and certain workout equipment.

Can my movers set up my appliances?

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We do not offer disconnecting or reconnecting of any appliances with gas or water lines. We require that appliances be disconnected prior to your movers arriving, and that they be reconnected after the move.

I just need one item moved, can your company take care of that?

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Absolutely! We are frequently contracted for single item deliveries & rearrangements within households. However, since we are a licensed moving company, we do have minimum hours that we must bill.

Do I need to secure parking for the truck?

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Customers are responsible for any parking that might be needed for the truck. Our moving trucks require at least two spaces, and a 14 foot clearance. If you don’t have private parking, you’ll want to secure parking permits in advance, generally 5-7 business days. Parking permits are available through the city’s transportation website.

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