Moving to Hillsboro

A move to Hillsboro proves why Oregon is becoming a destination state.  Hillsboro is Oregon’s 5th largest city with 100,000 residents.  Moving to Hillsboro means being in the heart of the Silicon Forest, while immersing yourself in the many events the city offers.  One of the largest 4th of July parades in Oregon takes place here, along with the Latino Cultural Festival, Celebrate Hillsboro, Hillsboro Hops baseball games, and the Oregon International Air Show.

Hillsboro children attend the Hillsboro School District.  This school district is known for its diversity and athlete-friendly environment.  Glencoe High School is one of the better public high schools in Oregon and is ranked #14 in Niche’s Standout High Schools in Oregon.  Portland State, University of Portland, and Lewis and Clark are all excellent local universities.

A move to Hillsboro is a safe real estate investment with a median sale price of $435,000, which is up 11% from the previous year.  Intel and Nike are the two largest employers in the area.  Hillsboro’s proximity to Portland allows an easy commute to an even broader scope of jobs. Healthcare, agriculture, manufacturing, and retail trade are the largest industries. Vineyards and wineries have become a staple of the Hillsboro job market as well.

Wondering what weather to expect in Hillsboro? Like much of the Pacific Northwest, the city gets more rainfall than the national average and fewer sunny days. However, despite the frequently overcast skies, the average temperature usually stays above freezing, so the city only gets about 2 inches of snow per year. The best time to visit Hillsboro is during July and August when the temperature reaches the high 70s and low 80s with less cloud coverage.

Customer-Focused Moving Services

Hillsboro is an attractive suburb to call home.  Our job is to match Hillsboro’s charm with a high-quality move.  Since we have experience in the city, we can provide a knowledgeable and customer-focused move for you!

Our local moving services include everything from packing and crating, to helping you disassemble your furniture and reassemble it in your new home. When you choose Cal’s Moving Help, we handle all the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Moving long-distance is never as simple as a local move, especially if you’re relocating to an entirely new city. For our long-distance customers, we offer an assortment of moving vehicles for your long-distance move, ranging from smaller 16-foot moving vans to the full size 26-foot moving trucks. Each of our crews come prepared with all the tools necessary to take apart and reassemble furniture such as beds and tables. We are Oregon licensed and compliant for relocation within the state of Oregon. Our insurance page contains the necessary documents.

Do you own a business that’s moving to a new space? We’re experienced with standard office furniture, specialized equipment, high-value electronics, and tech moves. We now move pianos, safes and other heavy equipment.  We treat your most prized possessions with the utmost care and have the right equipment to ensure a safe transition.

Moving often comes with a need for storage. There are times during the moving process that you may need to utilize a storage facility for your belongings.  Maybe you have to de-clutter a home before putting it up for sale. Or, maybe you are taking temporary residence until your new home is ready for occupancy.

Cal’s Moving Help warehouse will store your goods while in-between homes. Here’s how it works:

  • Your goods are transported to our warehouse.
  • We pallet the goods and place them in the warehouse.
  • At your request, we break down your pallet, load them into the truck, and meet you at your new house.

Whatever your storage needs, big or small, short term or long term, we will fulfill them.  Rest assured, your items will be kept in a secure and protected place, and they are available to you at your convenience.

Ready to move?

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