Residential Storage

Residential storage is tailored towards the need for low cost, low number of items storage solutions. We know most residentials don’t have many items with them while they are at school. Because of that, traditional storage is spendy. A 5×5 unit runs upwards of $100/month! With our service, storage rates start at $20/month. Residentials can arrive at our facility in any vehicle that is needed, with their stuff, load our pallets or vaults outside, then have them closed and stored by us once they are done unloading their belongings. This storage eliminates high storage costs, high moving costs, and allows residentials to leave for break without having to worry about their stuff until the next school year. For the residentials who still want the full service move to be done with their storage, we can certainly do that as well!

Residentials can fill out their own inventory or be helped by one of our team members. This is to ensure everyone knows what is in the containers and no confusion occurs when the residentials come to pick up their belongings. Once this is all done, an online file will be created and shared with anyone else that is authorized to view the file.