Why Full Service?

Full service storage is when a client is moving from A to B but needs to hold their items for short or long term storage. This could be because they are waiting on renovations to finish, they haven’t found a home to move into yet, something came up or they want to travel in a van without having to worry about their stuff.

We arrive at their home, pack their belongings into boxes if that portion hasn’t been done yet, sticker and inventory all the items, wrap and protect all furniture, load, transport, and unload each of the items into wooden vaults. Each vault is labeled in our system so we know where it is at all times. Items are tracked to which vault they are being put into just in case the customer needs to come get something. From there, the loaded vaults are closed and put into their place for the duration of storage. All documents, pictures, and other customer information is then entered into google drive as a folder and shared with the customer.

At Cal’s Moving & Storage, we understand that commercial moving requires a unique set of skills and services. That’s why we offer specialized services for a variety of commercial needs, ensuring a smooth transition for your business, no matter the sector.

Office Moving: We recognize the complexity of office relocations.
Our team is trained to handle everything from delicate electronics to large furniture, ensuring minimal downtime for your business. We manage the logistics from start to finish, providing a seamless office moving experience.
Warehouse Moving: Our expertise extends to warehouse relocations. We understand the importance of moving inventory, equipment, and machinery with care and precision. Our team is equipped to handle the heavy lifting and systematic organization required for an efficient warehouse move.
Restaurant Moving: Moving a restaurant involves unique challenges, from kitchen equipment to dining room furniture. Our team specializes in restaurant relocations, ensuring every piece, from stoves to stemware, is securely transported to your new location.

In addition to our standard moving services, we offer premium options to cater to the specific needs of your business:

Document Destruction: We provide secure and confidential document destruction services. Your sensitive papers are handled with utmost care, ensuring they are disposed of safely and securely.
Recycling Services: Committed to sustainability, we offer recycling services as part of our moving process. We ensure that any recyclable materials are handled responsibly, reducing the environmental impact of your move.
PC Kits: Recognizing the critical role of technology in your business, we offer specialized PC kits for safe and secure transportation of your computer systems and electronic equipment. This service ensures that your technological assets are protected throughout the move.

In short, we’re committed to providing a stress-free, efficient moving experience for your business. Trust us to handle your commercial move with the professionalism and expertise it deserves.