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Top Oregon Cities for Relocation

Oregon is the hidden gem of the West Coast nestled between California and Washington.  It is commonly overlooked due to the undeniable desirability of California.  Seattle’s draw makes Washington a contender for relocation.  People may be hesitant to look outside Portland proper, but there are many gems one can find in the smaller towns scattered throughout the state.


A move to Wilsonville presents the best of both worlds: close proximity to Portland, while offering a slice of the quiet suburban life.  Portland is a mere 20 minutes to the north and the Willamette Valley can be reached in 30 minutes.  This means big-city attractions and rural escapes are just a short drive away. Wilsonville won the Oregon Chapter of the American Planning Association (OAPA)  in October 2018, which recognized the city’s work to develop a community-driven vision for the Wilsonville Town Center.  Wilsonville has won other numerous awards and it proves to be an attractive place to call home.


Young or not quite so young, Beaverton is the place to be in Oregon! The city has received numerous awards which includes being placed in BusinessWeek magazine’s top 10 places to raise a family. The community received this prestigious honor as it features parks located within a half-mile of every residence, a 25-mile network of bike paths, and highly regarded public and private schools. Forbes Magazine rated it in the top 25 suburbs for retirement due to clean air and close proximity to transportation and hospitals.


When looking to relocate on the eastern side of the Cascade Range, Bend is the top choice. High desert areas dominate the eastern and central parts of Oregon.  This guarantees warmer weather, less rain, and ample snow. The Deschutes River flows through downtown Bend and Mt. Bachelor is a short drive away.  All of this makes Bend a true outdoor playground for all who visit or live there.  Bend is also home to one of the highest concentrations of breweries in America!