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Choosing Schools When You Move

When it comes to moving, one of the most important factors is finding a good school for your children. This can be easily done when moving within the same city or area. It becomes more of a challenge when moving to a different part of the state, or even moreso, a different state. Regardless of difficulty, there are certain tricks of the trade that will aid you when moving and choosing schools.

Research Online Websites

The Internet hosts vital information about schools. You can find out class size, high school graduation rates, and test scores with the push of a button. Researching schools online is a great place to start when embarking on a move. Websites such as Niche and Great Schools are two of the top websites when considering schools. Niche allows you to compare schools from other districts, cities, and states. Great Schools has all of the data you might need, as well as comprehensive tools to guide parents with student disabilities and concerned about equity.

Talk to Locals

While the wonderful world wide web has lots to offer, the internet can be divorced from reality. This is where locals can be your best guide for choosing schools when you move. This may  include new coworkers, your real estate agent, religious leaders, and family and friends. Talking to locals allows you to confirm or disprove conclusions made from internet research.

Visit the School

 After researching online and talking to locals, a great next step is to visit the schools you are considering. There is nothing that can replace firsthand experiences when making this important decision. It would give good insight to meet the principal, observe a classroom, and see students playing outside together in as little as 30 minutes. This visit will again confirm or disprove your impressions of a school from afar. Your child’s education is worth the extra time and effort to make this vital trip.