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How to Move for the First Time

A first-time move is a lot like raising a child. You know the general idea of how to raise a child, but so many details are left out. Moving is similar in this way, and the often-overlooked details need to be filled in by those who have traveled this road frequently. The items below will allow your first move to be less stressful and more enjoyable:

Make a List

Moving entails many components, making a list will help you keep track of each task. Some items to include on the list include buying packing supplies, choosing a moving company, change of address, date and time of your move, and transferring utilities. A checklist can be a calming assurance when the inevitable stress of moving hits.

Purge your Possessions

Prior to your first move is the best time to take a bird’s eye view of all your possessions. After looking at the big picture, you can begin to eliminate unused or broken items for your upcoming move. This will lighten the load and also provide an opportunity to upgrade certain items in the near future depending on your budget.

Recruit Help

Before you can recruit help, you will need to know what kind of help you need. After packing what you can on your own take an honest inventory of what you will be moving and determine the level of help needed. If you are single and moving out of an apartment or condo, a few friends and a small moving truck will probably do the job. If you are a new family or established family with children, a moving company can provide the help needed on your first move.