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How to Move Rugs

A good rug is hard to find. Rugs can become an essential part of your home and moving them successfully is vital. While it may seem that moving rugs is a simple process, there is more to it than we realize. Here are a few questions to answer while moving rugs.

Photo by: Ryan Christodoulou

Does the Rug Fit Your New House?

Rugs are most often used in homes with hardwood floors. They provide a soft cushion to sit or lie on, and have noise-canceling properties. However, rugs may not make the most sense when moving into a home with mostly carpet. Another factor can be how many rooms have hard floors in your new home. A reduction in hard floors provides the best opportunity to leave behind rugs you no longer need.

Do Your Rugs Need to be Cleaned?

Rugs are notorious for collecting dirt and debris that is invisible to the eye. Yet, it is important to restore your rugs’ vibrance and prevent unnecessary dirt from entering your new home. Moving rugs gives you an opportunity to vacuum them or have them professionally cleaned before relocating them.

Do You Have the Right Packing Supplies?

Rolling up your rug with the floor backing facing up is the best practice for preparing your rug for the move. After rolling it up, use twine to tie down both ends of the rug. Kraft paper is a heavier packing paper that has better tear resistance than most packing papers. After rolling up your rug, wrap it in Kraft paper to ensure a safe passage from the old home to your new home.