Cal's Moving Help: Three Reasons to Use Storage When Moving


Moving budgets will only shrink as real estate interest rates rise and inflation soars. Everyone will be looking to trim a few dollars here and there, but not everyone knows where to trim. Here are some tips to save money with moving companies while storing your items.

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Be Flexible on Moving Day and Season

It is no secret that the most expensive times to move are weekends in the summer. If you have a day off to use from work to move during the week that will help save money. This will mean setting aside a vacation day or two for your move and will provide peace of mind due to being to focus solely on the move. Planning what season you move can be more of a challenge, but if you have a choice then any season other than summer you will save money.

 Limit Trips to Storage

When storing your items with a moving companies facility you will not have access to the facility unless you want to pay extra money. To save money with a moving companies storage, plan to access your items only when they are all ready to be moved into your new home. This will mean more planning ahead and storing certain items in your new home, but can be done with a little foresight. 

Do It Yourself

An easy way to save money is to decide what projects you can do on your own. This could be packing your own moving boxes, clearing a path for movers, or moving small items in your car. All of these little things add up to substantial savings if you have the time and energy.

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